Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sad News

Going to be a break in the painting for a while, as my Mum died on Sunday.  Lots to do, funeral and things.  Guess the previous painting suits my mood.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Bealach na Ba finished

Well, it's been a while since posting, due to my mother being seriously ill and having to go down to stay in England for more than two weeks, with no internet access.  I had laid the picture aside, because it had gone slightly awry.  I wanted to paint the pale mist over the dark sky and blend it, but I thought it would maybe stay cleaner if I sprayed the sky with fixative first. Big mistake!  Don't know if the fixative was old, but a dark spray of speckles all over the sky was the result.  So I had redo the sky when I got back, and have now finished the foreground.  It is rather different from the reference, but an improvement on the photo I think.  I kind of lost the impetus with the long and stressful break, so it's not my best work. 

Still, onwards and upwards!  Have started on an altogether different picture, a sunset over the Cuillins, so lots of lovely colour and cheerfulness.