Textile Art

Dryad - handmade silk paper moulded and stitched
Sea Goddess - Ceramic Face, hand beaded

Five sided box, machine and hand embroidered

Monet's waterlilies - hand felted and embroidered
Mallard - hand embroidery on painted silk

Laptop bag - The Last Ship sails into the West - machine quilted hand-dyed fabric with hand embroidery

Laptop bag - detail

Otter - Hand embroidery on hand painted silk

Poppy Quilt - machine quilting with hand painted fabrics

Moonhare quilt - commercial and hand-painted fabrics, machine quilted, with hand embroidered hare

Shisha elephant - hand embroidered

Silver Birch - machine and hand embroidered on hand painted fabric

Sunrise and Sunset - hand dyed fabric and quilting

Swan - Machine quilting on hand painted fabric

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