Friday, 26 August 2011

UKCPS Exhibition, Westminster Gallery, London

I'm pleased that both the pictures I entered for this exhibition have been accepted. 

Gatekeeper - this is for the pure coloured pencil section.  This picture is about the gateway to the next world, based on Celtic mythology.  The knotwork symbolises eternity, and the little boat is the soul travelling to the Blessed lands in the west.  The oak and the raven are symbols of death and eternity, and the hare is for the moon.  The salmon has the pearl of knowledge in his mouth.

Moonhare - this is for the mixed media section, being watercolour and coloured pencil.  If you look at the full moon you can see the image of the hare , and the hare is associated with the moon in many mythologies.


  1. Congratulations Lesley. I am hoping to get to London to have a look...should be very exciting. I especially want to see the mixed media and see what others have done.

  2. Thanks Bev. Unfortunately don;t think I shall make it down to see it.